Dodgeball Policies


Ireland Dodgeball Association, Founded, 15/03/2012, Waterford, Ireland. The present Constitution is enacted in accordance with the association’s agreement and has full binding power on the associattion’s members, affiliated Organizations, officers, Board of directors and athletes.

1 The objectives of the Ireland DodgeBall Association (IDBA) are:

1.1 to support the aims, ideals and principles of the Olympic movement and to ensure the inclusion of Dodgeball on the program of the Olympic Games;
1.2 to promote and generally advance the sport of Dodgeball in the Republic of Ireland;
1.3 to aid the interests and well-being of its member associations;
1.4 to assist the European Dodgeball Federation to organise and receive recognition by the International Olympic Committee and World Governing Body;
1.5 support the aims, ideals and principles of the Education, Culture, Multilingualism & Youth Department of the European Union;
1.6 to ensure that all contests and competitions between teams, including National and Regional Championships or Games shall be held under the laws and rules of IDBA;
1.7 support the formation and continuing effective operations of European Dodgeball Federation.
1.8 To develop a friendly and supportive collaboration by all organisations, their leaders and
athletes who participate in sport, thus contributing to the creation of a more peaceful world.

2 No discrimination of country or person on grounds of race, religion, sex or politics is allowed in the IDBA.

3 Dodgeball consists of matches and games played indoors and outdoors, on beaches, grass and hard surfaces.

4 Abiding by these fundamentals, the IDBA shall:
4.1 exercise the overall direction of its sports within the Republic Of Ireland;
4.2 establish Competition Rules and an Operations Manual;
4.3 supervise the strict application of the Constitution, Competition Rules and Operations Manual;
4.4 supervise the preparation for and conducting of its sports on the occasion of official IDBA competitions, including Olympic Game Qualifiers, Regional Games, National Championships,
Regional Championships and qualification competitions, it may from time to time determine. 4.5 adopt the IOC Medical Code or its equivalent as an integral part of the IDBA Constitution and Doping Control Rules

5 Dodgeball will be developed according to its own specific nature. However the experience and rules of the other sports and variations to recognised Dodgeball games shall be utilised.

6 The headquarters of IDBA shall be decided by the Committee of representatives.

7 The IDBA is recognised as the National Governing Body for Dodgeball by its National Sports Council.

8 In this Constitution, words importing the singular number or the masculine gender shall include the plural number or the feminine gender, as the case may be, and vice versa, and references to persons shall include firms and corporations.

9 The IDBA ensures that all contests and competitions between affiliated teams, including Area and Group Championships or Games, shall be held under the laws and rules of the IDBA.

1. IDBA’s members are composed of individuals, teams and clubs administering Dodgeball in a recognised version of the sport.
1.1.The IDBA annual general meeting confirms the membership of clubs and teams;
1.2.Provisional membership may be granted by the IDBA committee.

2. Clubs, leagues, teams and individuals wishing to become members of the IDBA shall:
2.1.apply for affiliation in writing, declaring that the by-Laws and constitution of the IDBA will be strictly observed;
2.2.enclose the constitution of their organization.
2.3.pledge to abide by the By-Laws and Constitution of the IDBA.

3. The annual fee from each member of the IDBA shall be paid, in advance, by the required day and date of each year.

4. All members shall be required to submit, within the first three months of each year, an annual report which shall include the following information:
4.1.Mail address, email address, telephone, and fax, etc
4.2.List of Officers of their club or team.

5. Right to Appeal: All IDBA members suspended or penalised have the right to appeal to the IDBA Committee.

6. Where a member either has not been accepted as an official member of the IDBA or has not paid the membership fee;
6.1.they will not be granted delegate status in the IDBA committee;
6.2.if they are elected Officers or Committee members of the IDBA they will forfeit their positions;
6.3.Their athletes will not be allowed to participate in the IDBA competitions, unless decided otherwise by the IDBA Committee.
6.4.It is a condition of affiliation that all clubs and teams must include the IDBA Logo, and the words "affiliated to the IDBA" or “member of the IDBA" in their letterhead.
1. The Executive Committee of the IDBA shall be comprised of a Chairman, Secretary General and Treasurer and as many other elected officers as are deemed to be necessary for the efficient operation of the organisation. The Council will meet as often as required between the designated annual meetings, which should be at least three times during the 12 month period. Additional meetings can be a virtual, on line meeting.

2. Such sub-committees as are required to undertake specific activities will be appointed by the Executive Committee.

1. Suggested Congress Agenda:
1.1.Roll-call of members;
1.2.Admission of new member clubs and teams;
1.3.Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting;
1.4.Adoption of the Financial Report and the Annual Budget;
1.5.Chairman/President’s Report;
1.6.Report on National Championships;
1.7.Resolutions from the Executive Committee;
1.8.Reports from Sub-Committees;
1.9.Resolutions from members,
1.10. Elections;
1.11. Appeals;
1.12. Old Business;
1.13. New Business;
1.14. Adjournment.
1.15. In the absence of consent from the Chairman/President of the Committee, the agenda may not be extended to other items without the consent of at least two thirds (2/3) of the member present.
1.16. A quorum consists of one third (1/3) of the members.

2. The Executive Committee:
2.1.Consists of chairman/president, Secretary General & Treasurer and other elected officers. Committee Members are to be elected from any one (1) of the IDBA recognised clubs and teams:
2.2.Delegates the Chairman/President to handle routine business;
2.3.Carries out decisions made by Annual General Meeting’
2.4.decides routine matters;
2.5.decides matters referred to it by the AGM;
2.6.submits resolutions to the AGM;
2.7.supervises and gives guidance to the sub-committees;
2.8.informs the AGM of its opinion concerning resolutions;
2.9.supervises strict application of the constitution;
2.10. charges the sub-committees to submit resolutions in their area of expertise;
2.11. Shall communicate at least three a year, one of which will be before the AGM.
2.12. A Quorum consists of at least three (3) members of the Executive Committee.

3. Election of Officers: The election of officers shall take place at the AGM for a two year term of office.

4. The Executive Committee:
4.1.The Officers Chairman/President, Secretary-General & Treasurer.
4.2.The Executive Committee Members are elected and endorsed by the AGM.
4.3.No more than two (2) representatives from the same team or club shall be elected to the Executive Council.
4.4.All candidates for the Committee may prepare their personal records and goals they want to achieve for the IDBA. The IDBA will forward this document to all members prior to the AGM.
4.5.Sub-Committees, once formed, will have their members voted into office at the AGM for a one (1) year term.
4.6.All Sub-Committee Members and Commissions have the right to attend the AGM, with voice but no vote.
4.7.It is the responsibility of the members of each of the Sub-Committees and Commissions to support the efforts of the IDBA to develop dodgeball and its related sports, within the areas of responsibility assigned to them by the Committee.
1. The Chairman/President:
1.1.directs EDBF, calls the meetings of the Executive Committee and the Annual General Meeting, and chairs those meetings; the spokesperson for the IDBA and represents it at all appropriate occasions;
1.3.supervises the strict execution of decisions made by the AGM and the Executive Committee members;
1.4.controls the activities of the Executive Committee members; an ex-officio member of all committees;
1.6.selects the IDBA representative to the European Dodgeball Federation.

2. The Executive Committee members:
2.1.assist the Chairman/President in his duties. The Chairman/President may designate one of the Executive Committee as deputy Chairman/President in case he is not able to fulfil his duties, replacing the Chairman/President; he represents the Chairman/President, and assumes the duties of the Chairman/President, when absent or when asked to do so by the Chairman/President.
2.2.performs special duties assigned by the Chairman/President.
2.3.shall perform such roles as designated by the Committee.

3. The Secretary General:
3.1.organises and is responsible for the office of the IDBA;
3.2.shall take charge of correspondence;
3.3.prepares the meetings of the IDBA, the AGM and Executive Committee;
3.4.keeps the minutes of meetings of the AGM and the Executive Committee, preserves and has custody of same; entitled to attend all meetings of juries and committees, without the right to vote;
3.6.shall receive all fees and assessments. Fees collected shall be promptly turned over to the Treasurer;
3.7.shall keep a complete record of members.

4. The Treasurer: responsible for the development of the IDBA's financial affairs;
4.2.invests the funds of the IDBA, having consulted various financial experts and informed the Chairman/President;
4.3.collects the revenues and makes payments on behalf of the IDBA;
4.4.submits a report to the AGM concerning the financial affairs of the IDBA;
4.5.keeps separate accounts of the Executive Committee and Sub-Committee expenses;
4.6.signs, with the Chairman/President, marketing and sponsorship agreements; entitled to attend all meetings of standing committees and commissions without the right to vote;
4.8.prepares the annual budget with the financial year end of 31st/Dec.

5. The Executive Committee:
5.1.shall act on assignments and directions as given from time to time by the Chairman/President;
5.2.appoints pro-tem replacements on the Executive Committee and Sub-Committees until the next AGM, which will elect the vacated positions. (Where possible, the person with the next highest vote received at previous AGM elections, shall be appointed);
5.3.shall examine any proposal from members, Committees, or Commissions which are to be discussed at the AGM, and to submit such proposals, as they see fit, to the AGM, and on any other proposals they may deem desirable;
5.4.shall make all the necessary appointments;
5.5.shall promote a development program for the benefit of members requiring assistance in the training of coaches, officials, etc.
5.6.shall be the interpreter of the IDBA Rules. All matters not provided for under the IDBA Rules shall be decided by the Executive Committee.
1. Oath of Office:
The installation of officers shall be conducted by an officer or representative designated by the Chairman/President. The oath of office shall be:

"I solemnly promise on my word of honour, to advance the programmes and policies of the IDBA. I will faithfully discharge my duties as an officer. I will support By-Laws and Constitution and enforce it to the best of my ability. At the expiration of my term of office, I shall deliver to my successor all IDBA books, papers, money, and other IDBA property in my possession."
1. Resolutions to the AGM must be received by the IDBA Secretary General at least 30 days prior to the AGM.

2. Resolutions must be submitted in writing and be signed by the Chairman of the member club or team concerned.

3. Changes to the By-Laws and Constitution are decided by the AGM.

4. Resolutions concerning changes to the Constitution must be accompanied by arguments for their justification.

5. Resolutions received by the IDBA headquarters must be sent by the IDBA Secretariat to all members and members of Standing Committees and Commissions at least 25 days prior to the AGM.

6. Resolutions not included in the agenda, may only be introduced with the consent of 2/3 of the members present and entitled to vote.

7. Resolutions to amend the Competition Rules require a simple majority (50% + 1)

8. of the votes at the AGM.

9. The Executive Committee is responsible for reporting the fate of all resolutions to the AGM.
1. Right to Vote:
1.1.Annual general Meeting: each member = one (1) vote;
1.2.Executive Committee Meetings: each executive member = one (1) vote;
1.3.Standing Committee and Commission Meetings: each member = one (1) vote.
1.4.Voice / No Vote: Those entitled to attend the AGM without the right to vote may express their opinion on any matter on the agenda, provided they are recognized by the Chairman/President: i.e. Provisional members, Honorary Members, members of Executive Committee, Sub-Committee Members & Commission Members.

2. Voting Procedures:
2.1.A two-thirds (2/3) majority, of members in good standing, is required to pass resolutions concerning:
2.1.1. changes to the By-Laws and the Constitution;
2.1.2. sanctions against members, athletes, or officers;
2.1.3. election of honorary members;
2.1.4. changes to the agenda.
2.2.To determine the required majority, abstentions, blanks or spoilt ballots shall not be taken into consideration.

3. The dissolution of the IDBA requires a three-quarter (75%) majority vote in favour of such a resolution at two (2) successive meetings of the AGM. Any funds remaining with the organisation after a final accounting shall be remitted to the IOC Solidarity fund.
3.1.A simple majority is enough to carry all other resolutions.

4. The IDBA Chairman/President, (or their appointed representative in the absence of the President, or Chair,) has the right to cast a deciding vote at the AGM in the case of a tie.
4.1.In the case of a tie in any Committee, the motion is lost.

5. Voting is conducted at the AGM by; 5.1.Voice, or
5.2. voting card, or
5.3. secret ballot (if a simple majority of members decide it is necessary).

6. Postal / fax / email votes may be organised whenever necessary within the Committee and the Sub-Committees and Commissions.

7. Election of officers will be conducted by secret ballot.
7.1.There shall be no proxy votes at meetings of the IDBA AGM, committees, commissions or Council.
1. The Chairman/President and all Executive Officers are elected for a period of two years, beginning immediately on the day of election. All other officers and members of standing committees are elected for a period of one year. Members of the Audit Committee will be elected for a period of one (1) year and they will take up their elected positions immediately.

2. The elections will take place at the AGM.

3. A person may hold only one office in the IDBA.

4. The order of elections at the AGM is:
4.2.Secretary General
4.4.Other Executive Officers

5. All candidates for election must: recognized by their club or team, which is a member of the IDBA in good standing; individuals at least 18 years of age, and have the power under law to enter into contract.
5.3.hand in their personal records and the goals they want to achieve for the IDBA. The records must be distributed to all members before the AGM. any Sub-Committee:
5.5.must be a member of an club which is a member of EDBF in good standing; and
5.6.may stand for election at the AGM. a position as a Committee Officer:
5.7.1. must hand in their personal records and the goals they want to achieve for the IDBA. The records must be distributed to all members before the AGM

6. If necessary, elections to fill vacancies will be conducted: the next AGM; an Extraordinary meeting of Members which has been called when very important and urgent matters must be decided if at least 66% of members in good standing request such a meeting.

7. The officer election procedures are:
7.1.more than 50% of the votes cast is required to be elected;
7.2.if no candidate receives more than 50% of votes, the candidate with the lowest number of votes is eliminated.
7.3.Consecutive ballots shall be organised until the election is decided.
7.4.if there is a tie, the person conducting the election will cast the deciding vote, provided that person is not a candidate.
8. All other Parliamentary questions not contained in the Constitution shall be decided by Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.
1. Honorary membership may be conferred upon a person who has rendered the IDBA important services.
(a) Honorary membership will be decided by the AGM, recommendations being submitted by the Executive Committee.
(b) AGM may confer the title of Honorary President to a retiring Chairman/President of the IDBA.
(c) Honorary Presidents and Honorary Members will be invited to attend the AGM.
12.1 Official Competitions: National Championships, Olympic Games Qualifiers, Regional/District Championships and qualifying competitions are IDBA competitions. These events will be controlled by IDBA Officials.
12.2 All members in good standing will be invited to take part in IDBA competitions.
12.3 At the following international events, the rules and regulations of European Dodgeball Federation (EDBF) will apply:
(a) Olympic Qualifying competitions;
(b) Commonwealth Games and qualifying competitions;
(c) World Dodgeball Championships and qualifying competitions;
(d) European Championships;
(e) UK Home Nations Championships;
(f) EDBF Regional Championships;
(g) European University Championships;
(h) Regional European competitions;
(i) Any other competition played between EDBF members NFs.
1. Any dispute, any controversy or claim arising under, out of, or relating to this constitution or any subsequent amendments of or in relation to this constitution, including but not limited to, its formation, validity and binding effect, interpretation, performance, breach or termination, as well as non-contractual claims, shall be submitted to mediation in accordance with the CAS Mediation
1.1.Rules. The language to be used in the mediation shall be the recognised language of the IDBA or in English.
1.2.Where a settlement of the dispute is not reached within 90 days of the commencement of the mediation, or if, before the expiration of the said period either party fails to participate in the mediation, the dispute shall, upon the filing of a request of Arbitration by either party, be referred to and finally settled by CAS arbitration pursuant to the Code of Sports related Arbitration. When the circumstances so require, the mediator may, at his own discretion or at the request of a party, seek an extension of the time limit from the CAS President.

2. A member in violation of the IDBA By-Law or Constitution and/or its policies will be penalized according to the gravity of the violation. A member loses all rights during the period of suspension, i.e., the right to submit resolutions, to take part in meetings and to enter competitors in IDBA competitions, and competitions organised by members, unless otherwise decided by the Executive Committee.

3. A member in violation of the constitution and / or policies which continues to do so after having been previously warned or suspended, may be expelled from the IDBA.

4. Disputes between the IDBA and one or several of its members which are not settled by a decision of the IDBA, may be submitted for arbitration by either of the parties to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) (Lausanne), Switzerland, to the exclusion of any other domestic tribunal. Any decision taken by the said court shall be without appeal or recourse to ordinary courts, and is binding on the parties concerned.

5. The Executive Committee shall have the following powers: suspend members or to modify its membership to provisional status until the next meeting of the AGM suspend members from national events, until the next meeting of AGM caution or censure a member; reinstate a member which was previously suspended.

6. Before the Executive Committee may use its power of suspension, the member must have been sent notice in writing of the alleged infringement, at least one month before the next Committee meeting, at which the member will be afforded a reasonable opportunity of being heard.

7. The AGM shall have the following powers: suspend an individual, team or club from membership for a fixed period, or until a specified set of circumstances cease to exist; suspend an individual, team or club from any one or more types of National and International events for a fixed period or until a specified set of circumstances cease to exist; caution or censure an individual, team or club; reinstate an individual, team or club which has been suspended before the end of the period or before the set of circumstances specified have ceased to exist.

8. Unresolved disputes between a member and the Executive Committee, howsoever arising, shall be submitted to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) for final and binding determination, to the exclusion of any other domestic tribunal.

9. Each member club shall incorporate in its constitution a provision that all disputes between that club and an athlete and IDBA shall be submitted to final arbitration before the Court of arbitration for Sport (CAS). In the case of a dispute between a club or team and an athlete, this dispute should be submitted to an arbitration panel constituted by the IDBA. In the case of a dispute between an athlete and the IDBA, this dispute may be submitted directly to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

10. All legal questions concerning IDBA contracts and other parties will be referred to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). All contracts signed by the IDBA must contain a provision to this effect.
1. The national language of the Republic of Ireland shall be the official language of the IDBA.

2. English is the official language of EDBF.

3. English will be a working language of the EDBF Congress.

1. Persons Awarded Honorary Membership, with date of confirmation will be listed here:

Bernard Thompson

Code Of Conduct

The Ireland Dodgeball Association is fully committed to safeguarding the well being of its members. Eery individual in the Association should at all times, show respect and understanding fro members rights, safety and welfare ad conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the Association and the guidelies contained in the Code of Ehics and God Pracice for all players

Anti-Doping Policy

IDBA’s policy is that doping is contrary to the spirit of sport and every member has a duty to ensure that the sport is free of doping. The Irish Sports Council is committed to the challenge of combating doping in sport and promoting fair play through the implementation of the Irish Sport Anti-Doping Programme. As part of this programme, players and athletes across the full spectrum of sport in Ireland may be required to submit to drug testing both in and out of competition. IDBA require Clubs to play an important role in raising awareness for antidoping and promoting a drug free sport at all levels.

IDBA advises all members to read and understand YOUR responsibilities under the Anti-Doping Rules.

What do IDBA members need to know?

(1) WADA Prohibited List – Checking Medications & TUE Policy
The World Anti-Doping Agency issues a Prohibited List annually. For information on the Prohibited List see:

Note: Recreational Drugs are tested in-competition.
Check the status of over-the-counter and prescribed medications in relation to the Prohibited List, based on where you purchase the medication:

Republic of Ireland:
Drugs in Sport Database on

For instant access to the Drugs in Sport Database, download the free ‘Medication Checker’ App available for iPhone and Android for Eirpharm – find it in the Apple iTunes Store or on Google Play

Medications bought in the Republicof Irelandcan be checked by your G.P., Consultant or Pharmacist in a monthly publication called MIMS Ireland. Ensure the current months edition is checked.

Northern Ireland/ UK/ Canada/ USA:
Medications bought in Northern Ireland, U.K., U.S.A and Canadacan be checked on
See for further information

If a medication is prohibited, you must check and adhere to the Irish Sports Council TUE Policy at

(2) Sample Collection Procedures
For information on the Sample Collection Procedures that are adhered to when athletes are tested, the following resources are available- Check out:

• Read the leaflet ‘Sample Collection Procedures – Urine and Blood’ Check out the e-learning programme Real Winner Taking medication to treat a medical condition?

You may not realise it but the medication you take regularly to treat a medical condition (Asthma, Diabetes, Hay-fever, Hypertension, etc) could contain a substance which is on the banned list. The easiest way to check your medication is to look it up on the Eirpharm website (medications purchased in the Republic of Ireland) or (medications purchased in Northern Ireland). For instant access to the Drugs in Sports Database, download the free Medication Checker App on iPhone or Android. Supplements?

Players need to be aware that there are risks associated with the use of sports supplements with many positive drug tests associated with their use. For more information, read the Irish Sports Council Supplements and Sports Food Policy at:

Useful fact sheets in relation to supplements are available on the Instituteof Sportwebsite at:

IDBA Player Requirements:
Player seeking permission to use a medication containing a substance on the WADA Prohibited List must seek a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) to do so. IDBA players are permitted to apply retroactively (get a Post-test TUE). You need to ensure that your medical practitioner has a full medical file in place (see below for further details)

Post-test TUE:
If you are drug tested and the lab report shows a prohibited substance in your sample, the Irish Sports Council will contact you to offer the opportunity to make a Post-Test TUE application for the substance, within specified timelines. You will need to supply a complete medical file documenting your medical history, diagnosis and medical justification for using a prohibited medication as opposed to a permitted alternative.

A player’s medical file would typically consist of:
1. A detailed medical history (when diagnosed, previous episodes, previous hospitalisations, related symptoms, etc.)
2. The results of any relevant medical tests, laboratory studies, etc.
3. Any other supporting information which will confirm that the player has a legitimate therapeutic requirement to use a prohibited medication to treat a medical condition
4. For asthma TUE applications, the medical file should also specifically include a comprehensive report of the Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 second (FEV1)

Declaring Medications and Supplements:
It is very important that you declare ALL MEDICATIONS AND SUPPLEMENTS taken within the last 14 days if you are drug tested. The Doping Control Officer will ask you to list all medications, supplements, etc. you have taken within the last two weeks on the Doping Control Form.

Where can I get more information?
The Irish Sports Council is the body responsible for the administration of anti-doping testing, education and administration. There is more information on their website and a copy of the Irish Anti-Doping Rules is available from or you can contact them directly on 01 8608800

Therapeutic Use Exemption Forms can be downloaded from the Irish Sports Council web site

It is recommended to supply all members of the IDBA Adult Club Teams with an Information Wallet Cards. These are available for order direct from the Irish Sports Council website

The Irish Sports Council Anti-Doping Unit can also be contacted at:
Anti Doping Unit
Irish Sports Council
Top Floor, Block A
Westend Office Park,
Tel: 00353 1 8608800

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