International Squads Announced by Bernard Thompson

Posted on April 02, 2016 at 16:00 PM

It is with great pleasure that the Ireland Dodgeball Association announce the players and coaches that will be representing the Republic of Ireland at the upcoming Dodgeball World Cup Invitational, which will be held in Machester in April 2016

Republic Of Ireland coaches had the difficult task in selecting both the male and female players to represent the Republic Of Ireland after a very talanted pool of players tried out for the national sides.

After many hours on the court and much diliberation the Rob Kearns, James Shaw and Kirsty Lunn have made their selections and they are as follows...

Mens Squad

Stephen Fletcher
Deegan McAteer
David Cardoso
Robert Kearns
Garvan McEvoy
David Prestage
Ed Purcell
Colum Walsh

Womens Squad

Frankie Bell
Megan Shine
Tatiane Aragäo
Fiona Byrne
Lauren Cooper
Cat Hall
Maisie Alice Waldren
Kirsty Lunn

Mixed Squad

Blain Murphy
John Paul Mullan
Grace Doyle
Andy Fitz
Kevin Cleary
Fiona Regan
Dmitri Kalnitski
Liz Keating

The Men's team are grouped with Honk Kong, Singapore and Austria. The ladies will face Hong Kong, Scotland and the qualifiers of Northern Ireland/Malaysia. Our mixed squad will take on Singapore, Malaysi, England and Austria

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