History Ireland Dodgeball Association

How was the IDBA formed

There is a man from Waterford who is probably not as well known in the dodgeball circles of today. To those that do know him, they refer to him as the “DodgeFather”. Colin Brett a man who spent some time in Canada where he experienced Dodgeball for the first time, fell in love with the sport and when he returned to Ireland he felt others might love the sport as much as he did. After a hand full of trial games amongst friends Colin decided to create the Waterford Dodgeball League.

With the help of his father Liam Brett, good friends Shane Power, Patrick O' Brien, Ellen Doyle and Evan Shanahan, a very successful league was ran. At its peak the league had eight teams and a player pool of over 70 players both male and female. Just like Colin plenty fell in love with the sport and after some online searching Bernard Thompson discovered the UKDBA. This opened a whole new world to the players from Waterford.

What was once the Home Nations Tournament, Bernard decided to enter the team he was part of and winners of the Waterford League in 2011 to represent Ireland at what would become the Five Nations Dodgeball Championships. This would be the first time that the Republic Of Ireland were represented at an International Tournament. The team consisted of, Colin Brett, Conor Cullen, Keith Cushen, Paul Grant, Francis O' Brien, Bernard Thompson, Eli Roche and Paul Ryan. The ladies team consisted of a mixture of Waterford League players, Nicola Power, Jane Barnes, Renee Rashby, Grace Maher, Kate Maher and Ellen Doyle.

After the success of the first national team outing it was decided to create the Ireland Dodgeball Association in order to try and reach out to other dodgeballer's throughout the country. Once like Colin a man from Dublin who also came home to Ireland after discovering the sport in Canada, Stephen Fletcher created the Dublin Dodgeball Club, the sport continued to grow and a formal meeting was called to establish the first Ireland Dodgeball Association committee. At the meeting the elected members were, President Bernard Thompson, Secretary Derek English and Treasurer Garvan McEvoy.

Throughout the creation of the IDBA, UKDBA member Nick Pinnock was heavily involved with helping and assisting the committee members, formally creating the rules and guidelines of the Association.

The Ireland Dodgeball Association is continuing to grow each year, new clubs emerging, established clubs developing and our national teams competing on the European and world stage. If you wish to get involved with dodgeball Ireland then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Colin Brett founder of the Waterford Dodgeball League
Colin Brett founder of the Waterford Dodgeball league.

Colin Brett founder of the Waterford Dodgeball League
The first Republic Of Ireland National teams to enter the Five Nations Tournament