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About Dodgeball Ireland

The aim of the Ireland DodgeBall Association is to become the National Governing Body for the sport of Dodgeball in the Republic of Ireland. The Association is looking to become the representative organisation for players and the administrative authority of the sport in the Republic of Ireland.

Dodgeball has many advantages over other sports, but none more than its absolute accessibility. It is played right across the world by people of all ages, sexes and sporting abilities. It is very simple to learn, and 'everyone' has the ability get involved as part of a team.

It has a strong social dimension due to its co-ed format, it attracts players from all walks of life, and it crosses social, national and ethnic boundaries. The objective of the IDBA (Ireland Dodge-Ball Association) is to develop the sport of Dodgeball in the Republic of Ireland at all levels and to provide the infrastructure to support the players, clubs and regions as the sport grows.

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Image of Bernard Thompson

Bernard Thompson
Honorary President

E: bernard@dodgeball.ie

Image of Stephen Fletcher

Stephen Fletcher

E: stephen@dodgeball.ie

Image of Garvan McEvoy

Garvan McEvoy

E: garvanmc@gmail.com

Image of Rob Kearns

Rob Kearns
International Team Coach

E: coach@dodgeball.ie

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John Paul Mullan
International Squad Manager

E: jp@dodgeball.ie

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Blain Murphy
International Squad Assistant Manager

E: blain@dodgeball.ie